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The introduction of airflow sawdust dryer
The airflow sawdust dryer uses the principle of instantaneous airflow drying, and has the characteristics of large drying strength, short drying time, low energy consumption, simple operation and good product quality. The starch dried by the equipment has the advantages of clean appearance, luster, high fineness, stable water content and low impurity pollution. Airflow dryer is ideal for dry powder, flake and heat sensitive materials in starch, rice flour, food, medicine, chemical and other industries. The use of this equipment can achieve the best economic benefits with the least investment, the lowest energy consumption, the least manpower and the venue, and the fastest speed.
The main features of the airflow sawdust dryer (airflow dryer)
The airflow sawdust dryer has a wide application range, high output and large precipitation range; the structure is simple, the station area is small, and the investment and maintenance costs are low. Air dryer dryer hot air source: oil stove, gas stove, coal-fired hot stove, steam heat exchanger.
The air-flow sawdust dryer has a large drying strength: the airflow dryer has a high airflow speed and the material is well dispersed in the gas phase, and the entire surface of the material can be used as a dry effective area. Therefore, the limited area of drying is greatly increased. At the same time, the gasification surface is continuously renewed due to the dispersion and agitation during drying, and therefore, the drying heat transfer process is strong.
The air-flow sawdust dryer has a short drying time: the contact time between the material and the air is extremely short, and the drying time is generally 0.5 to 5 seconds. The heat-sensitive or low-melting material does not cause overheating or decomposition and affects its quality.
The airflow sawdust dryer has high thermal efficiency: the airflow drying adopts the material and gas co-current operation, and the material temperature and the air temperature can reach a reasonable state from the beginning to the end, and the drying time is short, so that a higher drying temperature can be used.
The main advantages of airflow sawdust dryer (airflow dryer)
Special dryer for sawdust: The company's technical team researched and developed the double-furnace airflow type simultaneous drying, which can achieve the drying of the sawdust with large moisture content, which can increase the output of traditional tumble dryer by 40%. After many customers The actual operation and use are highly evaluated, and our R&D team is more confident to continue to improve the quality and output of the dryer on the special dryer equipment for sawdust and give back to each of our customers.
The main technical parameters of the airflow dryer
ModelPower锛坘w锛?/p>Output锛坘g/h锛?/p>Feed particle size (mm)Overall dimensions
450 -Wood chip dryer5.5500-700鈮?13.6脳1.5脳3.5
550 - New multifuncti onal wood powder dryer15600-1000鈮?015.5脳2.0脳3.5
650 - Dryer18.5800-1500鈮?018.5*2.0*5.5Dryer factory