Jay Hunter | Личное дело

Имя: Джей
Фамилия: Хантер
Пол: Мужской
Дата рождения: 7/04/1979
Место рождения: Италия/Сицилия
Образование Высшее : Юридическое
Специальность/Профессия: Программист

Особые черты: Добрый, отзывчивый, трудолюбивый.
Последнее редактирование:
Angiography and UltrasonographyThese forms of imaging are seldom utilized in the identification of canine heartworm disease outside referral practices and teaching institutions. Angiography is a technique that allows visualization of blood vessels in your system by taking radiographs within seconds after injecting a contrast material (dye) into those blood vessels. In canine heartworm infection, angiography is used to study changes to the pulmonary arteries. Worms may be visualized on the angiogram as submitting defects. Ultrasonography (echocardiography) has been used to appraise enlargement of the heart chamber and also to look for the existence of heartworms in the right ventricle or main pulmonary artery.Necropsy (examination after death)Though necropsy is possibly the most definitive diagnostic evaluation, it is estimated that it never reaches that stage. Heartworms are often found in the right ventricle of the heart or at the major pulmonary arteries, occasionally in its farthest branches. Sometimes heartworms might be seen in organs aside from the lungs and heart but such illnesses are infrequent.